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Wisdom, Power, Control is a 7-week diabetes self-management program for adults over the age of 18 with type 2 diabetes. Classes are offered once a week in community settings such as churches, libraries, and hospitals. Each session is 2 hours. Wisdom, Power, Control is facilitated by two trained health professionals: a registered nurse and a registered dietician.

The aim of Wisdom, Power, Control is to empower participants with lifestyle skills to better control their diabetes.

Topics for Wisdom, Power, Control include:

  1. diabetes myths and facts,
  2. how to use a glucometer,
  3. eating healthy with diabetes,
  4. physical activity and diabetes,
  5. medicines and diabetes, and
  6. preventing diabetes problems.

For each lesson, participants receive handouts to enhance their learning. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants who attend at least six classes.

Wisdom, Power, Control classes are interactive, or hands-on, and focus on building participants’ confidence in their ability to better manage their diabetes. The process in which classes are taught makes Wisdom, Power, Control effective. It is a research-based program.



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Last updated: 4 March, 2015

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