4-H & Youth Housing and Environment Projects

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4-H’ers build their knowledge of the project subject material. They also complete activities related to the project area, keep records of their activities, give written and oral demonstrations about their projects, and participate in judging and other contests involving their project.

4-H’ers work with parents, volunteers and other 4-H’ers who share similar projects. Project work not only increases a 4-H’ers knowledge of a particular subject of interest to them, but project work can also prepare them for a career in that field. Scholarships, prizes, awards, and special recognition are also the rewards for project work.

Housing and Environment Projects

Housing and Environment Contests and Events

  • Home Designer Event (District 3 Event)
  • Housing and Environment Illustrated Talk or Method Demonstration

Housing and Environment Educational Activities

  • SpecTra – Human Sciences Education (only on certain years)
  • Junior Master Gardener Program
  • Local Home and Garden Shows
  • Extension Programs related to Housing

Links to Other Housing Topics

Housing and Environment Projects



  1. 4 Storage Principles
  2. Storage Design
  3. Tackle the Storage Problems in Your Room or Your Kitchen


Room Layout and Design

  1. Design Elements
  2. Design Principles
  3. Window Treatments
  4. Furniture Styles
  5. Arranging Furniture


  • “A Place of Your Own” – SC Johnson & Sons, Inc., Racine, WI, (262) 260-2000
  • HGTV (Home and Garden Television website)
  • North Carolina State University

Furniture and Its Care

  1. Wood Furniture
  2. Identifying other materials
  3. Furniture Construction
  4. Furniture Finishes
  5. Furniture Care


  • “A Place of Your Own” – SC Johnson & Sons, Inc., Racine, WI, (262) 260-2000

Floors and Their Care

  1. Hard Surface Flooring
  2. Care for Hard Surface Flooring
  3. Rugs and Carpet
  4. Caring for Carpet


  • “A Place of Your Own” – SC Johnson & Sons, Inc., Racine, WI (262) 260-2000
  • North Caroline State University

Healthy Homes

  1. Asthma and Allergies
  2. Mold and Moisture
  3. Carbon Monoxide
  4. Lead
  5. Drinking Water
  6. Hazardous Household Projects
  7. Pesticides
  8. Home Safety


Energy Efficiency


Water Management

  1. Water Conservation in the Home
  2. Water Conservation in the Landscape
  3. Protecting our Water Supply (Disposal of Household Products, Pesticides, etc.)


Home Maintenance and Repair


Accessible Living

  1. Universal Design
  2. Finding Solutions to Fit Your Needs
  3. Checklist


Safety in the Home



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