Health Fair Planning Guide

2nd Edition, updated August 2011

The Health Fair Planning Guide provides information for planning, implementing, and evaluating a health fair. It can assist educators in conducting a successful health fair. The possibilities for health fair activities are limitless. This guide provides suggestions; you may think of others. You may also find that many modifications will be necessary for your health fair. For example, you may have a narrow focus, such as one particular worksite. In other cases, selecting a location may not be an issue because there is only one possible location; selecting a date when that one location is available might be more important in that case. This guide will provide you with ideas that you and your committee members may change to meet your needs.

If you see or create other health fair activities that help people actively learn about health, please send those ideas to Carol Rice, Ph.D., R.N. Extension Health Specialist, 2251 TAMU, College Station, Texas 77845-2251, fax (979) 845-6496, or e-mail at

Cover of the Health Fair Planning GuideHealth Fair Planning Guide
2nd Edition, updated August 2011


Last updated: March 25, 2015

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