Finding Reliable Health Resources on the Web

A Do Well Be Well Course from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Section I – Introduction

Have you ever used the Internet to search for health information? If you have, you are one of a growing number of people who use the web to find out about:

  • diseases they have or think they have
  • treatments that might help their health
  • ways to prevent health problems
  • new things they hear about on television or the radio
  • health information for where they live
  • things they’ve heard about like “urban legends”

And, even though the Internet is an easy place to find this information, you have to be careful with what you get when you search. There are no guarantees of accurate information on the web! It is always “buyer beware.”

This course will help you learn how to find reliable health information on the Internet. By completing this course, you will learn:

  • what makes a health resource reliable
  • how to use search engines and keywords
  • how to search for reliable health information
  • how to create resources using what you find

It is important to remember that there is absolutely no substitute for good medical care. Self-diagnosis and treatment is always a risky choice. Please use the health information you find on the Internet to help make you a better medical consumer.

Enrichment Activity:

Please print out and take our Pre-Test (PDF) before continuing to Section II. Fax your completed pre-test with your initials on it to 979-845-6496. Thanks!


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Last updated: 31 October, 2013

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