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If any of the following resources are of interest to you, please contact your local county Extension office.

  • Achieve! Success for Young Fathers video series
    • This series of videos provides motivation, support, and practical parenting skills for young fathers. Using a documentary format, the series offers the candid comments of young fathers from many ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. Topics covered include self-esteem issues, practical skills of baby care, communication issues, and aspects of responsible fatherhood.
  • Accepting the Challenges of Fatherhood
    • This video based program for middle school and junior high boys, was developed in Minnesota and makes reference to Minnesota law. One who uses this program in Texas should secure information on Texas law.
  • Fathering
    • This program is designed to help fathers with children 0–12 years gain knowledge and practical information about their role in raising children. Developed into six 1-1/2 hour sessions the content covers relationships, play, discipline, communication, developing self-esteem, and teaching values.
  • Fathers Actiphile
    • This is a program often used around Father’s Day, but not limited to that use. It shows different fathers, their families, when their kids were born, what they did for a living, and what fathers are associated with. The notebook comes with photocopy masters and numerous activities to do with a group.
  • Father’s Role in Adolescent Sexual Role Identification
    • Dr. Michael O’Connell, Director of the Fathering Institute at Abilene Christian University, discusses the importance of fathers in both male and female adolescent’s gender identification. Two 15 minute segments are appropriate to help parent educators and parents understand the connection between the mother-father relationship and their child’s sex role identification. Dr. O’Donnell discusses the relationship of attitudes and behavior of the father to gender acceptance on the part of the adolescent.
  • The Father’s Role in the Development of Adolescent Sexual Identity
    • This interview of Dr. Michael O’Donnell, director for the Southwest Center for Fathers, Abilene, Texas, provides research data and interpretations about father-daughter/son relationship on adolescent development; sex role identity, psychosocial development, sexual decision-making.
  • His Baby, Too: Problems of Teenage Pregnancy (3 Parts)
    • Part I. Dave’s story: This set presents an in-depth view of one teen pregnancy as seen from the desperate perspectives of those most intimately involved—the young man, young woman and their parents. It underscores the necessity of shared responsibility for birth control. It also stresses the need for teen couples to assess the dimensions of their problem through open and honest discussion.
    • Part II. The Choices: This set explores various teenage fathers’ attitudes toward pregnancy. It shows how stereotypes of the teenage father differ from real life and points out the positive aspects of professional counseling, especially for the young father. It probes the question of abortion and examines the legal and emotional effects of this option on the unwed father.
    • Part III. Making the Decision: This set examines in detail the potential impact of the options of marriage, single parenthood or adoption. It notes the special problems affecting teenage marriages and looks at the legal rights of fathers regarding adoption, marriage, child support and visitation. This part affirms the constructive approach of evaluating the option according to the needs of all concerned.
  • It’s My Child Too
    • The It’s My Child Too program for young fathers was developed by the Center for Families in the Department and Family Studies at Purdue University with support from Purdue’s Department of Youth/4-H and the School of Consumer and Family Sciences Cooperative Extension Office. The project was conceived in response to needs identified through the Community Systemwide Response (CSR) initiative of the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service. It is a short term program for young fathers in need of knowledge and skills associated with competent parenting. Research increasingly demonstrates that meaningful change in parenting behavior requires intensive, long-term support, and the It’s my Child Too program is viewed as a first step in heightening awareness of the roles, responsibilities, and skills of fatherhood.
  • Reassessing Fatherhood
    • This book examines fatherhood from the paternal role in traditional families, contemporary families, and also contains information aimed at professionals who work with fathers.
  • The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers
    • These videos give an ultimate idea of what and who a father should be. It gives the seven “secrets” to do this: being committed, knowing your child, being consistent, protecting and providing, loving their mother, actively listening, and being spiritually equipped.
  • Working With Fathers: Methods and Perspectives
    • Between the two extremes of the romantic view of fatherhood and the pessimistic view, there is a reality: more men do want to get involved with their kids, but it isn’t always easy—to say the least—to make that happen. This is a hands-on field guide written by a team that’s been practicing what it preaches—“working with fathers”—for years. It steps back to put the whole field in perspective, and it zooms in to offer you very specific techniques.

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Last updated: 30 April, 2014

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