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Over 6,000 fathers and children from 77 Texas Counties have participated in the FRED program since 2002. Outcomes from the program are very positive. Participants who completed the program averaged approximately 9 hours of reading time with their children and read nearly 40 books over the course of the four-week program.

Results from a recent evaluation study of 300 participants demonstrated significant improvements in many areas, including the amount of time fathers spent reading to their children, number of books read during a typical week, level of involvement in their children’s education, amount and quality of time spent with their children, and level of satisfaction with the father-child relationship. There was also a significant increase from pre to post in the number of fathers obtaining a library card. Other significant findings from FRED participants include:

  • 61.4% reported that FRED “Increased the time I spent with my child.”
  • 58.7% reported that FRED “Improved the quality of the time I spend with my child.”
  • 57.2% reported that FRED “Helped me become more involved in my child’s education.”
  • 66.2% reported that FRED “Increased my satisfaction level as a parent.”
  • 70.3% reported that FRED “Improved my relationship with my child.”

In open ended responses, many fathers indicated that they noted improvements in their child’s vocabulary, reading ability, and interest in books as a result of participating in FRED. Some fathers even noticed improvements in their own literacy skills. Below are a few examples of quotes from participants:

“Although we spend a lot of time together, it sometimes revolves around my schedule. ‘FRED’ time was all for them. No matter what was going on at 8:00 p.m., it was reading time. It brought us closer together because I would always have to stop what I as doing just for them.”

Participating in FRED “helped us grow closer. I better understand my son’s education, how well he reads and understands what he is reading…It also helped me understand as a parent how much little time I spend with my child.”

FRED “helped us discover more interests that we have in common. It also helped us figure out what my son’s reading and comprehension level is. It gave us a good habit and not only do I read to him, but mostly he reads to me.”

FRED “helped us both strengthen our reading skills.”

The thing I liked most about FRED was “the excitement my child had and the anticipation of the reading time.”

The FRED program “helped me be more aware of how important reading is for children.”

“The idea behind the program is great!

FRED “helped me spend more quality time and let me understand how great reading can be.”

FRED “helped us learn to read.”


Last updated: April 28, 2015

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